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 2012: ETI launches a new hotmelt clean edge pattern adhesive unit.

• 2012: ETI launch Linerless applicator with no compromise of label shape & size.

• 2011: Miniliner, Linerless launch

• 2010: Miniliner development

• 2009: Metronome Short Web Pass; Silicoat

• 2008: Brand new innovations from our R & D department; ETI-CPO (Corona Plasma Optimum), UV Acrylic
Curing System, ETI-Blade, ETI-Gap.

• 2007: Opening of ETI China plant to improve competitiveness of the printing product line.

• 2006: Additional product line developments, Exagon-OM combination offset-flexo machine (currently in development) and the ETI-Cut die-cutting line.

• 2005: Partnership with Goldschmidt Degussa (now Evonik) for the development of UV-silicones for in-line manufacturing of pressure sensitive material.

• 2004 : R&D efforts to extend the possibilities of adhesive used on the Cohesio and Labeline, thus,  increasing the possibilities of label applications (permanent, no label look, freezer grade, repositionable, heat sealable, coupons, etc.).

• 2003 : Launch of the Labeline, an equipment which combines the printing, the adhesive and the silicone coating.

• 2002: Launch of the Metronome. The Cohesio created a need for a flexo printing press able to print thin unsupported film (according to the Cohesio process, the facestock is printed before the coating).

• 2001: Rapid growth of the company’s sales.

• 2000: The Cohesio is exhibited and sold at LabelExpo Brussels.

• 2000: Prototype of the first Cohesio sold in France.

• 1997-2000 : François Bayzelon initiates an R&D project in order to create the first narrow-web pressure sensitive coating for label printers.




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