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Rich Basso Joins Strata-Tac

2013/01/29 13:40 に Tom Yeager が投稿   [ 2013/01/29 13:51 に更新しました ]

Rich Basso, a veteran of the label industry for 30 years has joined Strata-Tac as an account representative.  Rich lives in New York City. He has two daughters and a grand daughter. He is a strong family man. Rich started Stenrite Industries in 1985. He sold in 2006.  Rich is an army veteran. Rich will call on the NE part of the US for Strata-Tac.  He can be reached at or 630-484-0950.  Strata-Tac is a manufacturer of adhesive label stock and coated films.

Rich Basso

October News

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Strata-Tac Inc. Newsletter
Newsletter Subtitle Month Year
In This Issue
Gravure Coating and How it Works
Self Adhesive Film Label Stock
TLMI Annual Meeting
Label Expo Europe 2013
Reverse Gravure Coating
Black Clawson Coater 
At Strata-Tac, we have two Black Clawson coating lines. They are each 63" wide and are twins of each other. We use a reverse gravure coating method.  The gravure coating process relies on an engraved cylinder running in a coating pan, which fills the engraved dots or lines of the roller with the coating material. The coating material is either the adhesive or the printable top coat. The excess coating on the roller is wiped off by the Doctor Blade and the coating is then deposited onto the substrate as it passes between the Engraved roller and a Pressure Roller. This allows Strata-Tac to be very consistent on applied coat weight for both adhesive and top coating. This way performance of our coated products are always at their peak.

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Dear Tom,

Label Expo was great. Attendance was reported to be up over 12% as compared to 2010. A record attendance of 14,335 was reported. We certainly felt it. Thanks to all of you who visited our booth. As a result of how well the show went, Strata-Tac will be exhibiting at Label Expo Europe in 2013!
Did we forget to mention?

The show was busy. We tend to focus on the several unique constructions we can put together. We are good at the simple film products too! Thanks for thinking of us for the custom projects.  You can also contact us for your standard pressure sensitive bopp and polyester products. We keep a large inventory of film so we can respond to your needs quick. We do this every day!
The TLMI show is coming up.


Are you planning on being at the TLMI show in Naples?  We will have a table top there.  Please stop by and see us.  

You can register at this link:

TLMI Annual Meeting in Naples October 21st - 24th


Label Expo Europe - 2013
Mark your calendar now for 2013.  We are counting on a great show for our first time exhibiting at the Label Expo in Brussels. We certainly hope to see you there. 
Label Expo Europe



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July 2012 News Letter

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Strata-Tac Inc. Newsletter
We have new products to share with you! In this news letter you will find product updates, an invitation to Label Expo, and learn about Jeff Barrett (our lab technician). Thanks for your support.  We sure do appreciate all of the orders.
Piggyback Products Piggyback Products
Yes that is right. We have stock piggyback products.  Strata-Tac can supply standard piggyback, piggyback with a clear or image mid liner, and film piggybacks just to name a few.  We also have a clear gloss piggyback with "cling" adhesive that is laser safe.  Flexo print and/or digital print your "cling" labels. Custom film piggyback stock is available upon request.  Piggyback blood bag stock is also available.  We can even offer a half back stock for you with a standard or clear mid liner.  You can then add the face stock of your choice.  Let us know how we can help!
Coupon FilmsCoupon Films
We now can offer a circle coupon designed for the production of IRC labels. Of course we can also help with the production of clean release cards. Our white film face stocks are both flexo and laser printable. How can we help?
In This Issue
Piggyback Products
Coupon Films
Meet Jeff Barrett
Digital Compatible White Films
Label Expo
Up to Date Spec Sheets
Meet Jeff Barrett
Jeff Barrett

Jeff is a 14 year veteran of the coating technologies field. He is experienced in Production, Quality

Assurance and Information Technologies. In his new role as Quality Assurance Technician Jeff is

responsible for testing R&D trials and production/customer jobs, generating specifications and Certificate

of Analysis, all to ensure that the customer receives a quality product. Jeff, his wife and three children

reside in St. Charles. Jeff can be reached or his direct line is 1-630-338-8309.

Digital Compatible White PET Films Digital Top Coated Films
We have white pet films from 2 mils to 10 mils in thickness. These films can be coated with our universal top coat to work with all toner based machines and "cold" machines.  Our stocks are available coated one side, two sides, or with adhesive and liner. Lay flat liners are also available.  Whether you are making an ID card or a film label, you will find the right face stock here.  How can we help?
Label Expo 2012 
Label Expo Americas
We will be at booth number 548 at the Label Expo show.  Please let us know if you will attending. We would love to see you there.
Up to Date Spec Sheets 
Please note the following changes for your records.

1.  Strata-Tac is discontinuing the PLA film line.  We have found that our integral cards made with DFA050 are a more popular choice for earth friendly ID cards. DFA050 is made from a "green" polymer. DFA050 integral cards are:
  • Safe
  • Non-toxic
  • Do not contain heavy metals
  • Do not use plasticizers
  • Are lightweight, and
  • Are easily recycled.

The adhesive and coatings we add are water based. We are finding more interest in cards that can be recycled rather than cards that are compostable. It is much easier for a user to recycle a card than it is to put it in a compost bin. Please let us know if you should have any questions.


2.  RTP065 is being replaced by RDP065.  This is an updated item code to reflect a change in the removable adhesive.  Sample rolls are available upon request.  


Strata-Tac Inc.

Joaquin Bustamante joins Strata-Tac as the exclusive agent for Mexico

2012/05/01 9:29 に Tom Yeager が投稿

May 1st 2012.  Strata-Tac Inc, a coater and laminator in Saint Charles IL, is pleased to announce the addition of Joaquin Bustamante to its team of international agents. Joaquin is a 13 year veteran of the label converting industry.  He will be the exclusive agent for Strata-Tac in Mexico.  Joaquin can be reached at or (52) 55 55 44 52 19 03.  

Joaquin Bustamante

Strata-Tac Joins TLMI

2012/03/20 13:31 に Tom Yeager が投稿

Strata-Tac is pleased to announce the joining of the Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute.  We are excited to be a part of this very talented group of companies.  For more information on TLMI, please visit

Strata-Tac Announces New Hires

2012/02/06 11:29 に Tom Yeager が投稿   [ 2012/02/06 11:34 に更新しました ]

Strata-Tac Announces the Hiring of Mike Bierowicz

2011/06/21 12:35 に Tom Yeager が投稿

Strata-Tac Now Offers Label Materials to Make Integrated Tattoos

2011/06/15 21:09 に Tom Yeager が投稿   [ 2011/06/21 12:39 に更新しました ]

New Pricing Effective March 7th 2011

2011/01/18 21:51 に Tom Yeager が投稿

Dear Valued Customer:

Thank you for your continued support of Strata-Tac. Due to continued rising costs of papers, films, chemicals, and adhesives, it necessary to announce a price increase.  This new pricing will be effective March 7th.  This price increase will break down as follows:

1.     All paper products will increase by 3.25 %.  This includes most item codes beginning with S or T.  This is mainly our silicone liners and two liner transfer tapes.

2.     All film products will increase by 4.25%.  This includes most item codes starting with C, D, O and R.  This also includes products that have film in them such as TSCL037. The film products are mostly the polyester over laminates, white film stocks, and back films. 

3.     DFU050 is our premium clear back laminate. Unfortunately, this product has seen more pressure than any other due to the components used in making this product. DFU050 will increase by 10 %.

Please know we do not take the decision to raise prices lightly. As you know we have expanded our coating capacity.  This increased capacity has made our production process more efficient.  We continue to negotiate with the raw material suppliers to make sure we are able to provide the highest quality product for the most competitive price. We also continue to develop new products offerings.  These new product offerings will allow you to present options for your customers for either new opportunities or as a way of keeping costs down. 

New price lists will be available for distribution after March 7th.  If you need help figuring your new pricing in the mean time please contact us. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.



Tom Yeager
VP Sales and Marketing

Strata-Tac Open House a Success

2010/09/20 12:00 に Tom Yeager が投稿   [ 2010/09/20 14:03 に更新しました ]

Strata-Tac held an open house on Monday September 13th.  In attendance were several PSDA members including new Executive Vice President Matt Sanderson.  Strata-Tac was pleased to show off its 47,000 square foot facility now home to two new Black Clawson coating lines.  In addition Strata-Tac launched its newest product the Digi-Tat.  This is a temporary tattoo that can be digitally printed.  The event offered a chance for distributors, manufacturers, and suppliers to discuss new ways to grow business with a focus around coated films and specialty label stock.  For more information, please contact  Strata-Tac is a manufacturer of top coated, adhesive coated, and laminated products for the graphics industry.