エレクトリックスケール クロームスケール LMS(長さ測定システム)

Electronic Scale
Reliable, fast and easy:
Length measurement with the E-scale is child’s play thanks to the variable zero point.
The electronic-scale facilitates the measurement of lengths and distances. The hardened stainless steel carriage is equipped with a capacitive strip. This supplies the electronics with information about the momentary position of the ball-bearing-mounted measuring carriage which moves play and wear-free. With the aid of the coated 4-lens optical system in 10x magnification you can accurately target the measuring point. The magnifier has a fine focusing facility to accommodate any eyesight weakness on the part of the user. For exact positioning of the carriage, the magnifier is equipped with a reticle. The vapour-metallized hard chrome lines arranged on this reticle make exact measurement possible. A clever parallax checking facility permits the monitoring of the vertical angle of view in the lens. The easy-to-read display with big six-millimetre figures shows the maximum incrementation of 0.01 millimetre or 0.0005 inch. Located immediately next to the display is the fine setting facility. The upright locking screw locks part of the measuring carriage. The horizontal positioning screw then moves the carriage gently towards and over the measuring point. Now, by pressing the reset button, the zero point of the measurement is determined. After moving the carriage to the second measuring point, the result can be read off from the display. The system has a RS232 interface. This permits serial transmission of the values to the computer. For data transfer, a RS232 compatible interface cable with optocoupler is available.
Fully illuminated: A light ring illuminates the measuring area uniformly.
Accessory: The microscope with adapter improves accuracy when positioning the measuring carriage.

Exact targeting of the measuring point
Parallax checking facility
Parallax checking facility: The lines of the reticle allow you to check the angle of view yourself.
Centre point
Centre point: The reticle PCB facilitates the measurement of hole spacings. Only available for the ES version.
Additional equipment
Supplementary equipment:
The CCD camera with video monitor makes continuous measurement easier.

Display of data on the computer is executed by Excel software, available as an option. The two positioning slides at the sides facilitate fast parallel alignment of the scale to the test object.
A variety of models: The electronic scale is available in seven lengths ranging from 180 to 1500 millimetres. Three types of reticle and various optical systems round off this package.
Besides the reticle mentioned (see Page 41), there is a PCB scale which can only be used for measuring hole spacings. Use of the PCB scale is always coupled with the standard 10x magnifier (ES version). If you wish to use a microscope as well, to target the measuring point with even more accuracy, the microscope adapter is turned so that the optical path runs through an open area of the scale. The reason for this: the 25x and 50x microscopes available as accessories are equipped with a scale with increments and reticle which interfere with the PCB scale.
If you know beforehand that very precise positioning is required, then the ESM version with 25x or 50x microscope should be used from the very start.
Electronic-Scale ESM
Electronic-scale ESM: The microscope, available in 25x or 50x magnification, increases target accuracy.

Length measurement with video comfort
FFor serial measurement the electronic-scale can be purchased together with a video
system. The ES version can even be retrofitted with a CCD video camera. The image is displayed on a 5” video monitor. To target the measuring point it is not necessary to bend over the microscope, thus relieving both back and eyes.
The video signal can be transmitted to the PC or laptop via grabber and driver software – or if measurement is to be made even in the image – by grabber and the Metric software package. The measuring points can now be targeted by reticle or via the reference function of the Metric software.
For this purpose, single or double reticles, tolerance rings, multiform masks and gauges are available. Individual measurements in the video image can be carried out with the standard measuring functions of the Metric software. For instance, radii, angles, diameters, areas and distances can be calculated. Thus, together with the data from the RS232 interface, detailed measurement reports can be compiled.
ergonimic E-Scale
Ergonomic: No more bending thanks to the video camera. Indispensable for series measurement.
Metric Screen
PC connection: The Metric software package
turns the E-scale into a multi-functional
measuring system. Metric offers the possibility
of measuring point documentation and lots of
other options within the video image.
The RS232 interface: permits direct transfer
of length measurement values in Excel.
The data
Standard lengths available
180 mm / 7 inch
300 mm / 12 inch
500 mm / 20 inch
800 mm / 32 inch
1000 mm / 40 inch
1300 mm / 52 inch
1500 mm / 60 inch
Increments: 0.01 mm / 0.0005 inch
Repeat accuracy: 0.01 mm
Error range:
up to 500 mm = 0.03 mm
up to 500 mm = 0.03 mm
up to 800 mm = 0.04 mm
up to 1000 mm = 0.05 mm
up to 1300 mm = 0.10 mm
up to 1500 mm = 0.15 mm
LCD display, lithium battery 3 V, life approx. 4000 h,
temperature range: +10 to +40C, RS232 compatible interface,
reticle: standard or PCB.
Opt. systems: type ES magnifier 10x,
type ESM-25 microscope 25x,
type ESM-50 microscope 50x.
ESM-50 Mikroskop 50x
Should you require more detailed information, you can download our special brochure without delay as a PDF-Document (720 KB).
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